Erica Slowik

Research Analyst

Erica Slowik joined the Nataij Group team as a Research Analyst in 2016. Her responsibilities in this position are multi-fold, but chief among them is coordinating projects that support clients to access international climate finance and implement country-driven interventions. For example, as part of her involvement with Green Climate Fund Readiness and Preparatory Support in Nepal and the Philippines, Erica oversaw the preparation of accreditation applications for a large financial institution and small non-profit organization, respectively.

Prior to her time at Nataij Group, Erica served as a Lab Assistant at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, where she performed water quality research to help inform sound management and regulatory decision-making.

Erica holds a Master of Environmental Science and Management degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an undergraduate degree in Global Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.