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Nataij is a boutique consulting firm working in the international development sphere primarily within the climate change and natural resource sector. The firm works with clients to develop policies and strategies, provide the tools needed to measure results, and disseminate important lessons about success and failure.

Nataij was founded by former Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Adaptation Fund (AF) staff and relies on a global network of leading experts to drive quality results that exceeds our clients' expectations on every engagement.

Nataij has the distinctive skills, experience, resources, and relationships to deliver on any commitments. We encourage you to review our project showcase, which highlights our experience and credentials.

We partner as required to ensure successful, innovative solutions for your organization.

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Meet the Team

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Dima reda

Founder & president

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Lily Hale 

Chief Operating officer

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Erica slowk

Research analyst

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Andy bilich

Research analyst

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AJ HiNojosa

It Specialist

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